• To raise money for the education and prevention of heroin/opiate abuse.
    • To distribute Narcan to family members and friends of users.
    • To work with the NCADA and city organizations to educate the public of signs and risks of heroin/opiate use.
  • To assist local police departments by helping fund K-9 units.

Our mission includes handing out Stop Heroin bracelets that includes the picture of a family member lost to heroin/opiate overdose – Narcan training and distribution (each box of Narcan costs $75) – Funding K-9 Units for local police departments, each at a cost of $35,000.

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Out Here Saving Lives

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15Oct 20

Sometimes, I wonder

Sometimes, I wonder what Justin would be like today had he survived his overdose. Would he have been able to overcome his addiction? Would he have married his girlfriend Allie?…

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We lost our 23 year old son on June 2nd 2017 to a Heroin overdose. By being upfront about our tragedy we hope to help others and prevent others from experiencing the loss of a loved one.

Justin David Hendrix/Justin Delivers Hope. Hope, by definition, means a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. We are delivering hope: hope that the Narcan will save lives; hope that the addict will overcome addiction; hope that we can prevent other families from experiencing our loss; hope that we can keep fighting; hope that we can help get heroin/opiates off the streets; hope that we can remove the stigma of loving a heroin/opiate addict. By publicly speaking about our loss and providing Narcan to families in need, as well as putting K-9s on the road to help officers take drugs off the streets, we HOPE to make a difference.

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Our committee members:

    • Adam Hendrix, Justin’s Dad
    • Melinda Hendrix, Justin’s Mama
    • Elyssa Hendrix, Justin’s L’il Sis
    • Julie Willman
    • Jennifer Scott
    • Molly Pointer
    • Eva Fryar
    • Scott Kerns
    • Alyx Seats
    • Dee Loughridge

Justin Delivers Hope is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity. EIN: 83-2277560